Favr App

Helping someone never felt so good.™

Concept / visual identity / user experience / product design

The idea behind Favr was to support communities during the pandemic. People can make some extra cash doing relatively simple favors, helping each other in the process.


How the idea works

Favr is an app that connects those who need favors with those who are willing to help.

It provides extra income for those who are unemployed and have extra time.

There's also an incentive layer to the product through a rewarding system. Just like a game.



People need favors from others in their neighbourhood. It can be something as simple as delivering a document or a pizza pick-up. We imagined 15 different categories which include yard work, small repairs, cleaning services, deliveries and furniture assembling.





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Picking a category

Posting a favor

Previewing the post

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This app monetizes by charging a percentage from the fee paid by those who need a favor.

The fee is calculated based on the amount of time required to perform the task, and favors are charged by the hour - a budget is stipulated by the one who asks within the urgency of his need.