iOS email application

The idea behind Stitch was to help salespeople work smarter — from anyplace, anywhere. With Stitch, you eliminate data entry, automate common sales tasks and shrink time spent doing busy work. Sold to SugarCRM.


Moving to a folder, archiving and deleting

Organizing your messages efficiently and intuitively was a big part of the project. A fast way to compose messages was also something we wanted to focus.


Email flow

Some examples of interactions we had in the product.


Files in thread

Different file types could be expanded or collapsed as a preview directly in the mail thread.


Attaching a file to a message

Coloured icons were used to quickly identify different file types.



Messages and files could be organized into folders.


Specs & Visual Elements

An extensive documentation was created to make things easy for the development team, situated in two different countries. All the spacing between elements were explained, alignments stablished, button states, sizes etc.

We had to use native fonts, so Helvetica Neue Light was the type of choice. It is the quintessential sans serif font, timeless and neutral.

The idea was to bring distinct colors for main actions and subtle shades of gray for bars and text.