My name is Eduardo de La Rocque.
I'm a designer of digital products.




Running Hobo
A personal project that aims to simplify apps for runners.

Information architecture, UX and visual design.
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I've been working with Nexthink helping them to solve complex problems. Some of their clients include the French Ministry of Armed Forces, Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates, Wester Union, Genéve Airport, Swisscom, Securitas, Migros, Schindler among others.

UX and visual design.
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A mobile email application for salespeople, so they can communicate faster by having the right information, insights, and tools at their fingertips.

Visual design.
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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I'm also a Canadian living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I work doing consulting for companies around the world, from startups to agencies and corporations.

If you want to know academic information, please check my profile on LinkedIn. You can follow me on Twitter.


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